Owerri (Igbo: Owèrrè) is the largest city and the capital of Imo State, Nigeria. The city is known for its industrial activities in the eastern part of Nigeria and Nigeria in general. It is the chief trade center (yams, cassava, corn, and palm products) for a region of modified rainforest that also yields rubber for export. The people of Owerri are predominantly Christians of mostly Catholics and Anglicans faith.

Owerri is the seat of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (founded 1980). The institution was founded in 1980. The city has been improving educationally in recent times. And it was adjourned as one of the states with the highest rate of graduates and one of the most literate states, using literacy metrics, in Nigeria.

Literacy Rate Calculation
The literacy rate in any state is calculated, by dividing the number of people aged 15–24 years, who are literate by the total population in the same age group, multiplied by 100. The Youth Literacy Rate reflects the outcomes of primary education over the previous ten years or more.

Economically, Imo state is one of the major producers of palm oil in Nigeria. There have been efforts by the state and federal government with providing farmers with palm oil processing factories in the state.
The people of Owerri, Imo State, are industrious and hardworking, friendly and fun to be with.

The State has beautiful places worthy of visiting. Amongst these places are;

The National Museum, Owerri.
The Museum was built in the late 1980s. This Museum contains some relics of the civil war and other ethnographical items of the early settlers of the town.

Mbari Cultural and Art Center
If you want to sight the priced artifacts of the Igbo heritage, this is the best place you can think of. The Mbari Cultural and Art Center has three different sections, an Amphitheater, Mbari Museum Kitchen, and Mbari House.

Dan Anyim Stadium
The Dan Anyim Stadium, Owerri, is the home of the Nigeria Premier League side Heartland Football Club of Owerri. The stadium is a 10,000 capacity stadium.

Other attraction center includes Nekede Zoo, Oguta lake (which is the second largest lake apart from lake Chad), Imo Palm Plantation Complex, etc.

Real Estate investment in Owerri.
Like in Nigeria in general, real estate investment in Owerri promises a high rate of return on investment.

Places you can invest in Owerri include Ogbaku, Ulakwo. These are places you can get value for your investment. It has perfect titles and is buy and build.

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