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At PWAN Heritage and Concerns Ltd, we take immense pride in our rich heritage of excellence, meticulously crafted over years of commitment and dedication.

emmanuel egbuefi
Emmanuel Egbuefi​, Managing Director

Redefining Real Estate with Passion and Quality!

Our journey began with a simple yet strong mission: to design dream environments that reflect your dreams. Every project we take on is filled with passion, creativity, and an uncompromising commitment to quality. We dare to push limits and create new standards in everything we do, from magnificent residential complexes that alter communities to commercial landmarks that shape cities.

Our Vision

To make home ownership dream a reality

Our Mission

To discover affordable lands in fast developing areas and make these known to you and also show you how can make money to buy land and build your own home.

Our Objectives

Our objectives is to engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably in Real Estate and other selected businesses We participate in the search for and development of property to meet evolving client’s needs and the country’s growing demand for properties.

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Our proficient team, which includes imaginative architects, seasoned real estate professionals, and forward-thinking market analysts, collaborates to develop and produce projects that are both aesthetically pleasing and economically rewarding.


Emmanuel Ogbuefi

Managing Director

Tunde Oluwaniyi

General Manager

Eme Etok

Legal Adviser

Our Core Values​

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