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Thriving Amid Inflation: 6 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate


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Real estate investment appears as a light of opportunity in the aftermath of the epidemic and the current inflation increase in Nigeria, offering various advantages over other types of investments. If you're thinking about investing in your first rental property, you should conduct thorough real estate market research and seek…

Owning Land Made Easy: Vital Documents in Nigeria

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Prepare to learn the secret to stress-free land ownership in Nigeria! You wouldn't want to be caught up in a never-ending war in a land of legal squabbles and property conflicts, would you? We at PWAN Heritage have your back! We've developed a list of critical documents that can save…

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Are Endless

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Real estate investment is the purchase of a future income stream from property and can offer several advantages over other types of investments, including potentially higher returns, stability, inflation hedging, and diversification.

Ibeju Lekki: The Lagos Modern City

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Properties, both residential and commercial within the Lekki-Ajah area is reducing, mainly due to land shortage. However, Developers are forced to move towards Ibeju-Lekki, this will naturally fast track the appreciation of properties in Ibeju-lekki as demand from developers for available and relatively cheap land increases.

Lekki FTZ: A New Modern City Within A City.

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Lekki Free Trade Zone (Lekki FTZ), the Lagos Master Plan, will be developed into a new modern city within a city with integration of industries, commerce and business, real estate development, warehousing and logistics, tourism, and entertainment.