Heritage Park Phase II Sold Out

Starting at 300,000

Do you know that Lagos is currently estimated at over 13,000,000 with a prediction of over 20,000,000 people in 2030? Of that population is the need for the most basic human necessity – SHELTER.

Developers are being forced to move towards Ibeju Lekki due to shortage of land and man’s inherent need to grow and expand. This is naturally fast tracking the appreciation of properties in Ibeju Lekki. What is now termed “far” will soon be the business hub of Lagos providing the golden opportunities for investors and developers to flip cash.

PWAN Heritage is once again offering you another opportunity to be strategically located to amass wealth beyond your wildest imagination through “land banking” in a well secured, green (proposed) estate.


Now selling at

₦300,000 for 300sqm

₦600,000 for 600sqm


Buy 5 get 1 free